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Doris Mitchell

In younger years Doris lived in Germany, England, Switzerland, France, Belgium and tried out pottery evening classes in most places after having enjoyed using clay at school.


She finally got down to “serious” pottery by getting a BA Hons. Degree in Ceramic Design at Ravensbourne College of Art & Design in 1986. She set up own workshop, sold work through galleries in England and Germany, made no money. She got sidetracked, into designing fitted kitchens, this time very well paid.


In 1997 she set up a workshop again and has been making porcelain pots, exploring the endless variations possible of bottle and bowl shapes. She became interested in conveying the plasticity clay has as a material, before being transformed into a hard object after firing.  


Experimenting with glazes has played a major role and there are plenty of ruined kiln shelves to prove it. Pots are reduction fired in a 12 ft3 gas kiln at about 1280 ° C.