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Barry Dorrity

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I studied ceramics in the 70s at Christ Church College in Canterbury and have been making pots as well as bringing up a family and teaching ever since.

I throw stoneware and porcelain, with gold, glass and oxide inlays, scraffito and coloured slips and clays. I fire in gas, electric and raku kilns,in Canterbury and France which gives me constant headaches, mingled with delight, I find the process of throwing enormously rewarding and exciting, and mostly manage to avoid handbuilding. I have learned to repair some of my disasters with Kintsugi with encouraging results.

My multicultural background (starting with my Egyptian grandfather) has been a leading influence on my pots. My love of patterns and rounded pot shapes started on a gap year in Kenya. I then worked as a potter for two years in Malaysia, setting up two rural potteries with the British Council and a third in the local museum where I certainly learned as much as I taught. Several visits to South India have increased my interest in colour and pattern.

Attending courses with John Solly, David and Margaret Frith, Tim Huckstepp, Tim Andrews, John Evans, Seth Cardew, and Jo Connell amongst others, inevitably influences my work.

I have taught in the Canterbury prison, several schools in Kent, at a music course in Wimbledon, and organised the Canterbury Throwdown for 3 years in the Canterbury Festival.

I have exhibited locally in group shows in Kent, Solo shows in Singapore, and with the British Council in Kuala Lumpur, Linden Hall Studio Gallery in Deal, Affordable Art in Hampstead and Battersea, Wing Gallery in Wadhurst, West End Gallery in Smarden, Hera in Margate and have a yearly Open House in the Canterbury Festival.

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