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Jane Gibson

Jane Gibson trained as a physiotherapist and now works part time in a nursing home. Her interest in pottery began in 1974 when she attended adult education classes. She continued with classes between having children and living abroad and in 1986 bought a small kiln and wheel. With decreasing family responsibility and membership of the Kent Potters Association her commitment to pottery increased. In 1992 Jane went to Pakistan for a year with her husband and taught pottery. She travelled widely in South Asia and became fascinated by the traditional potters who use the same techniques as their forebears three thousand years ago.

On her return to England Jane completed parts 1&2 of the ceramic City and Guilds examination gaining the silver medal. She researched the domestic ware of India and Pakistan and has published in Ceramic Review and the Kent Potters magazine.

She has concentrated on making low fired burnished pots with firemarkings. She has evolved a technique of firing in a paper kiln with added wood in a brick surround. This produces similar effects to pitfiring. More details can be found on Jane’s personal website at

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